What is Filler?

FILLER is a curatorial project dreamt up by Holly Eliza Temple, launched in Summer 2018. It began as an independent food, arts and fashion zine with a focus on the lifestyle trends that surround us constantly, on social media, on the high street, in magazines and the news and in our own minds as consumers. FILLER aims to encourage discourse around the way these attitudes affect our lifestyles and behaviour. 

This project was born out of a frustration at the way these changing attitudes towards healthy living can create insincere and misinformed advice around the way we should be feeding ourselves, looking after ourselves and even shopping and dressing, and to ask YOU what your views really are on the lifestyle trends that take over our Instagram feeds, shop windows and the publications we read. In an age where mental health and wellbeing, altruism and mindfulness is of more importance than ever to Gen Z-ers, there is always something new to think and talk about (and always someone that disagrees with you as well).

FILLER has now evolved into an online written platform as well, posting more frequent blog posts, think pieces and insights. This is a space for switched-on young people to discuss all things now and future, from self care and clean eating to sustainability, from creative blocks to Tinder mishaps.

If you’d like to guest write, collab or create work for the site, head to the CONTACT page and get in touch.