Want to write or create artwork for FILLER? Do you have something to say that we’re not talking about? Have you discovered a brand/artist/creative/complete stranger that we should know about? Anything else?

zine submission guidelines:

FILLER is an independent print publication with themed issues.

We accept a range of work as submissions for the zine, basically if it’ll go on a page (or even better, several pages) we wanna see it. Pretty much all forms of writing and journalism, artwork, photography and fashion.

Written work

Personal or investigative essays, interviews, reviews, short stories, poetry and prose.

FILLER also looks to include satirical features that parody typical young people’s magazine content — think DIY and how to’s, recipes, playlists, tips and advice, quizzes and questionnaires, horoscopes.


Illustration of all forms — doodles, typography, digital or hand-drawn, maybe you covered your body in ink and rolled around in it I don’t know? Artwork can be a one-off or a narrative series/comic.

Documentation of multimedia work, e.g. textiles or ceramics, and more.


Fashion styling, editorials and stories. Themed portraits, still life, film stills.

submissions to FILLER website:

FILLER online posts more frequent, broader trend, fashion, lifestyle and mental health content, with occasional guests. If you have a pitch for a written piece (article, essay, review) to feature online, or want to create featured artwork for posts, get in touch:


please send all work, pitches and queries to:


Please send submissions in PDF format where possible, including your full name and title of the work, and optionally a short description of the work.